Penmarc’s Inspired Culture

Company culture is commonly referred to as the personality of an organization. It is a shared set of workplace values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors and is something we take much pride in at Penmarc Inspired Spaces.

We want all of our employees to not only love what they do but love the company in which they are doing it. Employees that feel invested in a company’s mission will feel more engaged and inspired and see more purpose in their work.

There are always difficult parts of any job, but believing in a company’s culture will help you get through those times and see a bigger picture and goal. A strong workplace culture helps people make decisions in line with the company’s values without being micromanaged or having to consult on every move.

We want to take the opportunity to explain our company culture and how it can foster a healthy workplace environment.

At Penmarc, we live through our 5 Core Values, which we believe are vital to the continued success of our employees and company.

These 5 Core Values are:


Doing The Best You Can Every Day, Working With A Purpose, and Treating Others With Respect.


Embracing Creative Solutions to be Leaders in our Ever-Changing Industry.


Great Results are Achieved by Working Together with Collaboration and Cooperation.


Positively Impacting our Employees and Greater Community Through Servant Leadership and Selfless Giving.


To Always Uphold our Commitments by Embracing a Culture of Transparent Accountability.

We take every opportunity to tie our discussions, initiatives, challenges, and successes to these Core Values. We highlight these individual values during our weekly Inspired Insider podcast and coordinator huddles, our Rosewood Tuesday Morning Meetings, and monthly Leadership Live conference calls.

These values aren’t just for our employees but for those in leadership and management positions throughout the company. Each decision made and policy implemented is done in a conscious effort to uphold our values.

Treating each other with compassion and respect, from installers to coordinators, billing agents to market managers, directors to vice presidents — we expect all our Penmarc employees and partners to treat each other how they want to be treated.

We have found that the best way to foster our workplace culture and these Core Values is with trust.

If you place trust in your fellow employees, in the fact that the company has your best interest at heart, in our Core Values, and in yourself to uphold your commitments and promises, we can promise you that you will succeed and thrive and so will Penmarc Inspired Spaces.

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