Stay Positive!

Tips on how you can stay positive to become your best self.

Whether in the field or the office, at Penmarc, we believe maintaining a positive attitude toward your customers and co-workers is of great importance. Keeping a positive attitude goes hand in hand with our Core Values. Actively being positive will go a long way in working with a Spirit of Excellence, giving Grace Through Generosity, and ensuring you are constantly Doing the Right Thing. Listed below are ways our installers can be a positive influence on others!

Take care of yourself first so you can feel your best positive self.

It’s hard to keep a positive attitude when we aren’t feeling our best. Getting enough rest is imperative to maintaining positivity. A lack of sleep can lead to memory problems, poor mood, and slower reaction times, which is dangerous when working with tools.

Along with rest, make sure you’re eating an excellent, healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It kickstarts your metabolism for the day, giving you the energy and focus you need to get things done. Lastly, try stretching and taking care of your body. A simple stretch routine can take only 5 minutes to complete, and you’ll be doing your body a huge favor by doing so. Stretching will reduce injuries and your stress level, making it easier to remain positive throughout the day.

When working with customers:

Remember to smile

Smiling is a great way to communicate positivity just through our body language. While working, try to be as excited about the new closet as the customer. Your positive attitude helps put the customer at ease and shows them that we’re confident in what we do. It is important to remember that even when our customers are stressed and maybe aren’t being as polite as we would like, we should still try to stay professional with a positive attitude.

When interacting with co-workers:

Be the friendly voice on the phone

Take a moment to ask how the other person is doing. You never know when someone else is having a bad day or just had a bad interaction and could use a friendly voice. Always take a We Before Me approach when working with others on a job. Working well together as a team will only improve the quality of our work and the customer’s perception of us.

Please keep in mind that we’re all on the same team and working towards the same goal of happy customers and overall team success.

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