Creative Problem Solving

Trim carpenters and installers, while both creative and skilled, still must rely on accurate blueprints and designs to ensure they build to the customer’s expectations and meet the desired results. Accurate prints make any installer’s job easier, but there is always the chance of unforeseen challenges that prevent the closet system from being installed exactly […]

Overcoming Obstacles

Critical thinking is the process of actively conceptualizing, applying, and evaluating information. This is done through observation, experience, and reasoning. Critical thinking is a useful skill in order to overcome obstacles. You never know when something could go wrong while working on an installation. At Penmarc, we believe all our installers must be masters of […]

Expressing Gratitude

A little bit of gratitude goes a long way At Penmarc, showing or giving gratitude toward your co-workers and clients is extremely important and should happen daily, both in the office and at every project or installation. “The grass is greener where you water it,” a favorite quote of mine by Wolfgang Puck, doesn’t immediately […]

Stay Positive!

Tips on how you can stay positive to become your best self. Whether in the field or the office, at Penmarc, we believe maintaining a positive attitude toward your customers and co-workers is of great importance. Keeping a positive attitude goes hand in hand with our Core Values. Actively being positive will go a long […]

Becoming an Effective Team Member

We want all the Penmarc Inspired Spaces network to feel the power of teamwork, and that starts with YOU. Whether you are working by yourself on a project or working with a partner, we are all a team working together to give our clients the best service possible! Complete Cruxos Tasks On-Site and Over-Communicate  Working alone in […]

Tips for Success

At Penmarc Inspired Spaces, there are ample opportunities to help you grow and advance in your career (or make your job easier!).  Read on for tips to cultivate skills to take you to the next level. 1. Take time to educate yourself The more we learn about our own business from all aspects, the more we’ll […]

Giving Thanks

Though it may seem unlikely, the simple virtue of gratitude can enhance nearly every aspect of your life. In your relationships, it builds trust and communication. On a personal level, it improves your mental well-being and appreciation for life. And from a business perspective, gratitude enriches a company’s culture and invigorates production. However, it’s important […]

Brand Ambassadors

If asked what a company is known for, you might assume their logo, colors, or even a catchy tagline. And this isn’t a bad guess considering the emphasis we place on marketing and brand recognition. But the truth is, a company’s brand is ultimately defined by customer service. Therefore, how the public views an organization […]

Investing in Others

to Multiply Our Blessingsby Meredith Rose, Chief Marketing & Design Officer I’d like you to take a moment and ask yourself a couple of questions: 1. What HAVE you done today for someone else? 2. What CAN you do today for someone else? At Penmarc Inspired Spaces, we believe that generosity is something we GET to do, not something we HAVE […]

On the Ball

Installing a closet, trampoline, or playset is a time-consuming task as it is. Thus, completing multiple installations in a day can feel like a daunting challenge. After all, there are only so many hours of sunlight. But remember: nothing is impossible! Even if time management doesn’t come naturally to you, there are numerous strategies you can […]