Tips for Success

At Penmarc Inspired Spaces, there are ample opportunities to help you grow and advance in your career (or make your job easier!).  Read on for tips to cultivate skills to take you to the next level.

1. Take time to educate yourself

The more we learn about our own business from all aspects, the more we’ll understand our piece of the company and work better with other departments. 1. Seek opportunities to learn and practice all 3 systems we install.– TCS has seasonal promotions and sales, and if Installers are trained in all 3 systems, they have more earning & income potential

2. Learning more about Cruxos – It’s the installers lifeline for schedules, jobs, notes & plans- Clocking in & out accurately and completing tasks in a timely manner, ensures timely & accurate payments

3. Keeping abreast of all training and company notifications from The Container Store, Market Managers, Penmarc & Rosewood Family of Companies – Take advantage of Rosewood’s Leadership Live Series once a month- Listen to the weekly Penmarc podcasts for important announcements, tips, tricks, company updates as well as TCS updates.

2. Learn how to manage yourself best

1. Plan ahead for your next day & week’s installs

2. Take care of yourself– Get enough sleep, exercise, stretch, and find a good work/life balance

3. Take care of your tools & vehicle

3. Develop relationships

1. Get to know your coordinating team.  – They are part of your support system and are here to help you!  

2. Work to have a good relationship with your market manager!  – They should be working to develop a good relationship with you as well, but it’s important that both parties in a relationship are making an effort!

3. The TCS Installation Team is your almost daily contact with our sole Client!  – Developing a good relationship with them can not only make your job easier but help with Penmarc’s brand look forward to seeing you grow with us!